AYMAN SAID LAW FIRM is a boutique business law firm with strong international focus, located in Djibouti

After a long term collaboration with Maitre WABAT DAOUD, former President of the Bar Association of Djibouti, AYMAN SAID LAW FIRM was established in 2016.

The Firm is able to assist in both Djiboutian law and international law through its global network of trusted foreign associates.

The purpose of our multidisciplinary firm is to address the growing and diverse legal needs of clients in Djibouti and abroad by offering evolving services and customized solutions.

From company set up in Djibouti to contractual negotiations or dispute resolution, AYMAN SAID LAW FIRM is ready to assist clients daily on a wide range of legal issues.

The Firm is proud to represent multinational and local corporations across all industries including investment, insurance, bank, transport, logistics, telecommunications, infrastructure, and energy.

The Firm also contributes to the development of Djiboutian Law by helping draft regulations and collaborating closely with local institutions and administrations. The difficulties in accessing compiled case law requires to constantly seek new solutions and shape innovative strategies. One of the main challenges for Djibouti today is to manage to create a strong and reliable legal framework to attract local and international investors alike.