Litigation & Negotiations

Also known as dispute resolution. We assist with any civil and commercial dispute and claim, between different companies, between companies and individuals or involving local institutions and governmental bodies. We also handle criminal cases before the Courts.

Specific litigation

  • Commercial and Corporate Litigation: disputes between associates, directors’ liability, breach of contractual obligations, termination of contracts, debt recovery, unfair competition, injunctions, enforcement of court decisions and awards, obtaining enforceable titles, implementation of warranties and securities.
  • Social Litigation: termination of employment claims, settlement negotiations and severance agreements workplace injuries, restraint of trade and confidentiality disputes etc.
  • Criminal Litigation: breach of trust, fraud, theft, corruption, embezzlement etc.
  • Real Estate Litigation: property disputes (ownership, titles and rights in rem, expert determinations, property management, landlord-tenant disputes including lease extension and eviction proceedings).

Banking Law

Advising on relevant law and regulations, regulatory compliance, contracts, customers’ disputes and complaints, restructuring and insolvency, drafting and reviewing transaction agreements such as loan and mortgage documents, assisting on debt recovery actions and public procurement procedures.

Commercial Law

Assisting on commercial contract preparation and negotiation (sales, service agreement, franchise, commercial lease etc.)

Tax Law

Providing Personal and Business tax consulting and planning, tax optimization, tax audit.

Maritime Law

Advising ship owners, insurers, freight agents on a wide range of issues (contracts, liabilities, seizures etc.)

Criminal Law

Handling white collar and general crime defence cases such as theft, fraud, embezzlement, misuse of company assets, bankruptcy, harassment etc.

Labour Law

Drafting documents (such as employment contracts, post-termination agreements, procedures and policies), assisting on due diligence.

Corporate Law

Handling company registration and formalities, due diligence, visa/immigration matters, drafting of legal documents (articles of association, internal regulations, corporate secretary, and capital increase).

Free Economic Zones

Advising on local regulations and procedures.

Intellectual Property Law

Advising on the full range of IP rights, from the elaboration and implementation of IP protection and commercialization strategies to IPR defense and enforcement, nationally and worldwide. Areas of practice : trademarks, patents, designs, copyright, IPR-related contracts